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Winter tires perform 20 percent better than all-seasons in wet, slushy conditions

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By Rachel Schoutsen
Presenter, The Weather Network
Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 9:42 AM

Parts of the country continue to feel the effects of harsh winter conditions, and that means your winter tires may be used for a few more weeks than usual.

"What the Rubber Council and Transport Canada suggests is that winter tires are still a better bet up to seven degrees Celsius," says Doug Annett with the Skid Control School in Oakville, Ontario. "So until you have consistent temperatures of seven Celsius and above, you're best off with your winter tires still."

In a demonstration for stopping in wet and slushy conditions, the winter tires appeared to perform about 20 percent better than all-seasons.

"It was about 20 feet different consistently, so that’s a car length," Annett adds. "And so that can make a difference between rear ending someone or going off the road."

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