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Coming to a city near you: Weird/terrifying holes, Part II

By Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter
Sunday, December 15, 2013, 6:55 PM

A few weeks ago, having noticed our readers' apparent love for stories about sinkholes, we put up a weekend feature listing seven notable weird/awesome/terrifying holes around the world. It turned out to be the most popular weekend feature we've ever done.

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We get the message, so here you go: Seven MORE weird/awesome/terrifying holes, from giant underground caverns, to man-sized crystals, to glimmering, colourful pools.

Every now and then, a giant sinkhole swallows part of a Texas town

We led off our previous installment of this semi-series with the Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana, where a ruptured underground salt dome was slowly devouring bits of swampland.

Here’s what it looks like when that happens on dry land:

Image: Randall Orndoff/USGS

Image: Randall Orndoff/USGS

That’s the ragged edge of a 45 m deep and 182 m wide sinkhole that was apparently once a wooded field. The United States Geological Survey says it likely happened when a rapid injection of fluids caused part of the 10-km subterranean salt dome to to dissolve (other sources blame erosion at the top of the dome).

In 2008 when it first opened up, it was a terrifying experience for everyone involved as it swallowed several vehicles and structures and sent the small Texas town of Daisetta into a panic.

Five years later … looks like everyone has learned to live with it. This source notes one couple who saw the hole open up not far from the foundations of their under-construction abode ended up finishing the home a year and a half later. A nearby highway whose surface dropped 10 cm was reopened several months later.

As for the sinkhole itself, it’s just a salty pool now.

Daisetta sinkhole, Daisetta TX

It seems two similar holes opened up in previous decades, so we guess the good people of Daisetta are probably just getting used to it.

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