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Time Lapse Tuesday: The beauty of Oregon, with John Eklund

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By Suzanne Leonard
Weather Broadcaster
Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 6:22 PM

Time Lapse Tuesday is a new Weather Network series hosted by Suzanne Leonard. In it, we're exploring all the beauty that nature has to offer. Today, we're discovering Oregon through the lens of cinematographer John Eklund.

This U.S. state has a lot in common with western Canada, sharing mountain ranges and mighty rivers.

The Columbia River, for example, starts in B.C. and empties into the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, some 2000 km later.

The gem of the state is Crater Lake -- a spectacular setting in a dormant volcano. Its maximum depth of 594 metres makes it the 9th deepest lake in the world, behind NWT's Great Slave Lake.

What makes it particularly interesting is the fact that it has no tributaries, and it is filled entirely by about 14 metres of rain and snow melt each year.

Cinematographer John Eklund stitched this incredible film together using 260,000 images taken between July 2011 and August 2012.

Visit The Art of Time Lapse to learn more about his work.

INCREDIBLE FOG: You've never seen fog like this. Visit our website next Tuesday for the next installment of Time Lapse Tuesday, featuring the incredible work of Simon Christen. In the meantime, upload your time lapse videos to our website.

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