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Reporters Notebook: The Coquahalla, B.C.

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By Chris St. Clair
Weather Broadcaster
Friday, February 7, 2014, 8:41 AM

FOLLOW US IN B.C.: Chris St. Clair will be in British Columbia all week. Tune in for TV dispatches, and check back year for more of his insights. 

Bitter cold air has blanketed British Columbia since Sunday. It is at its coldest right now and there is good news ahead, depending on your perspective. 

Thursday morning was the moment that Vancouver airport broke a cold temperature record for this date that had held since 1948! It fell -8.3°C...it was far colder in The Valley but the windchill value remained the same. That means that winds are easing, the Arctic Outflow is coming to an end.


By next week, moist Pacific air will flow over the province, at the surface the cold air at will require time to warm, this pattern opens the door for snow and potential freezing rain. Our meteorologists are right now fine tuning the exact timing. Monday - Tuesday look good right now. 

Snow will offer tricky conditions through the mountain passes. We drove them today, from Hope to Merritt and onward to Kelowna. The cold and shadows have left the eastbound lanes icy. Snow to begin next week will present the opportunity to exercise an abundance of caution on these roads.

WHAT'S UP WITH THIS COLD: B.C. cold snap, explained

Here’s the really great news about this cold wave. 

Snow making! It’s no lie that we've had a dry winter in the Vancouver area. The snow pack is low to even non existent on some mountains. At Cypress this week, the 37 snow guns have been running non stop. They make a lot of snow -- the equivalent of 25 cm depth over an area the size of seven football fields every day. 

The weather has been ideal, the exact perfect humidity and temperature to create the perfect type of man made snow. 

By this time next week, nature will deliver the real thing!

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