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Ode to a Mackeral Sky

"Cirrus clouds at Garry Point Park" - Ana Danesh, Richmond, British Columbia

By Chris Murphy
Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 3:31 PM

"Mammatus Clouds over Asessippi" - Kellie Witzke, Shellmouth, Manitoba

To be a cloud
I would be so proud.
But whichever one?
There's many to choose from.

I could be a wispy cirrus
or a spooky mammatus.
I could be harmless, charming or ominous;
Obscuring the moon I am translucidous!

I could produce sun dogs or a zenith arc
or simply provide shade while you stroll in the park.
Sure, there would be times you'd curse my name
as I cancel your picnic or wash out your ballgame.

"Sundogs" - Dalton, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

But your gardens love it when I give 'em a soak
thanks to ME you have lush leaves on your maple & oak!
And don't forget the hours while passing time
as a child you'd look at my shapes and guess my mime.

"Mackeral sky!" - Rosie Friesen, Abbotsford, British Columbia

So if you're wondering
"A poem about being a cloud,
who is this silly guy?"
My explanation is inspiration
provided by this morning's
Mackeral Sky.

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