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Nurturing gardens without the chemicals

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Sunday, April 27, 2014, 8:31 AM

With summer just around the corner, we all have gardens and flower beds on the top of our minds. 

But in keeping your backyard looking spectacular, are you actually harming the environment? Water expert Dr. Greg Goss of Aquatic Toxicology is a huge proponent against the use of aesthetic herbicides. 

"For cosmetic purposes whether we don't like dandelions, whether we don't we don't like clover, I think that's an unnecessary use," says Dr. Goss. "So I would I prefer to see a ban because we know that these have low-level effects, and the cumulative effect as we grow, and we have more and more people we need to reduce that use, we need to prevent that use and prevent that from getting into our water ways." 

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Simple planting practices can ensure a beautiful garden without the use of harmful sprays. 

"The number one way to avoid a lot of spraying on plants is to start off with very high-quality plants that are very healthy," says Jim Hole from The Enjoy Centre. "And then treating them properly, with the proper amount of fertilization, good rich soil, irrigation, all those things contribute to very healthy plant, that minimizes the requirement for any kind of sprays."

For more gardening tips and tricks, visit our Lawn & Garden page.

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