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Missouri covered in snow as system moves into the area

Sunday, March 2, 2014, 10:09 AM

Winter doesn't seem to be taking the hint that spring is just around the corner.

South of the border, residents were also dealing with plenty of snow and wind.

A system moved through the country starting off in the midwest and making its way northeast. Missouri was one of the worst hit, with snowfall warnings in effect for essentially the entire state. Kansas City, Missouri saw a little over 15 cm of snow.

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Gusty winds caused whiteout condition on the roads forcing officials to close down parts of the main highway.Police were also warning commuters that severe delays were expected throughout the weekend.

Winter takes a toll

As difficult as it may be to head outside on a cold day, winter presented much more serious challenges to state officials.

The local Department of Transportation said finding enough salt was becoming very difficult, although they have procured enough salt to deal with the current storm.

The roads are also showing severe deterioration due to all the salt and chemicals placed on the roads, as well as the severe cold the region has seen.

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