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Long weekend forecast: Below-seasonal temperatures for parts of Canada

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By Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD
Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 2:48 PM

Those of us who have spent much time in Canada know that the Victoria Day weekend (often called the unofficial first weekend of summer) has a fickle weather history. Some years, the May 24 weekend delivers a pleasant preview to summer while other years it has felt more like late winter. So, what can we expect this year for the upcoming long weekend?

As we look at the country, there is no region where we expect true summer-like weather as most of Canada will see temperatures that are near or below seasonal for mid-May. However, there are several areas that will still enjoy pleasant weather through the long weekend - just not quite warm enough to inspire most to go swimming.

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The nicest weekend weather will be found well north of the Canada/USA border. Parts of western and central Newfoundland, including Gander and Deer Lake, will see temperatures well above seasonal with highs reaching 20°C. However, an increasing easterly flow off the cold Atlantic will keep the east coast, including the Avalon, considerably colder.

Whitehorse in the Yukon will also enjoy a spectacular weekend with sunshine and highs and in the upper teens. Other cities which will see considerable sunshine and mild temperatures include Edmonton and Saskatoon. Most of the Maritimes will also be above seasonal, though coastal locations will be cooler and the weather will become unsettled at times.

Below-seasonal temperatures will be most noticeable in southern Alberta and southern Ontario as both Calgary and Toronto will be close to 5°C below seasonal.

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Let’s now take a closer look at the forecast for each day during the long weekend across the country. Friday will feature fair weather for much of Atlantic Canada and the Prairies. However, a slow moving cold front will continue to bring rain to eastern Ontario and much of Quebec. While much of southern Ontario will be soggy from the rain that falls Tuesday through Thursday night, the region should slowly start to dry out during the day. Unsettled weather will also be found in Southern Alberta.

The warmest temperatures across the country will be found in parts of Quebec and the Maritimes with Montreal, Fredericton, Halifax and Charlottetown all expecting highs near 20ºC.


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