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You make plans, we'll take care of the forecast

By Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD
Friday, August 30, 2013, 4:15 PM

For many, the Labour Day weekend signifies the unofficial end to the summer season - one of the last opportunities to spend a few days outside before children go back to school and the cooler weather of autumn arrives. Over many parts of the country, the Labour Day weekend will feature both a taste of summer and a reminder that autumn will soon be here.

As we begin the weekend on Saturday, temperatures will be near seasonal to slightly above seasonal temperatures across much of Southern Canada from Southern BC to the Maritimes. The only province that will experience widespread cooler than seasonal temperatures will be Newfoundland.

Overall, Saturday will bring quieter weather from coast to coast compared to the days leading up to the weekend. Sunshine will return to much of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The highest threat for showers and thunderstorms will be over southern Manitoba and western Ontario, and scattered severe storms are possible as a cold front moves through this region during the day.

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Southern Ontario and southern Quebec will be warm and humid, though not quite as muggy as it has been during the past week.  For the Maritimes, a period of showers will track through the region on Saturday, though this will likely still be the driest day of the weekend as the threat for rain will be more widespread on Sunday and Monday. Eastern Newfoundland will continue to see rain during the morning, but conditions will improve during the day as the system which brought heavy rain on Friday and Friday night tracks out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunshine and slightly above seasonal temperatures are expected in British Columbia on Sunday and a warming trend will begin over Alberta and Saskatchewan with abundant sunshine. Southern Manitoba and western Ontario will be seasonably cool on Sunday, but southern Ontario and Southern Quebec will remain warm and humid for one more day. The Maritimes will be warm and humid with showers and thunderstorms likely. Newfoundland will be cool and unsettled.

Labour Day will bring sunshine and summer-like temperatures across much of western Canada and the Prairies but there is a threat for more clouds and scattered showers near the southern coast of British Columbia. For southern Ontario and southern Quebec, Labour Day will be a day of transition from summer to autumn-like weather along with the threat for showers and thunderstorms, while Atlantic Canada, will continue to see the threat for rain and thunderstorms.

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