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Get ready: Temperature roller coaster continues

By Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD
Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 2:40 PM

Spring across Canada will typically bring wild swings in temperatures as we transition from winter to summer.

We also tend to see contrasting weather patterns across the country with some places enjoying spring-like temperatures while winter lingers over other regions.

However, so far this spring we have seen a rather persistent pattern across the country with temperatures below seasonal from British Columbia to the Atlantic Coast.

The image below shows what temperatures looked like across North America during the first week of April. Regions in blue, green and violet (which is most of Canada) had temperatures that were below seasonal.

The good news is that this week will bring a more typical spring-like pattern, with the opportunity to enjoy a couple of warmer days. On Tuesday, much of Alberta and Saskatchewan will experience their warmest temperatures since last October. We are forecasting high temperatures to reach or even top 20°C across southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan on Tuesday with a high near 23°C in Medicine Hat.

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Meanwhile, from Manitoba to Newfoundland, temperatures will be mostly be below seasonal on Tuesday. However, the warm weather will be on the move and on Thursday southern Ontario and southern Quebec will receive their warmest weather since last October. While Thursday will be quite windy, high temperatures will approach or even exceed 15°C over parts of southern Ontario, including the GTA.

It looks like another round of warmer weather will return to parts of southern Ontario and southern Quebec for Sunday with temperatures reaching the mid to upper teens in southernmost areas. The May-like temperatures will then briefly head into Atlantic Canada early next week.

However, this warm-up will be short-lived. Much colder weather will return to the Prairies this coming weekend and the late winter-like pattern will then track east, bringing an abrupt end to the warm weather. While it is too early to pinpoint the locations, parts of eastern Canada will likely see some snow as well.

The image below shows forecast temperatures for next week compared to what each regions should typically see during the middle of April. The regions in blue, green and violet are forecast to have below seasonal temperatures next week. Only British Columbia is expected to have above seasonal temperatures for the week. The mild temperatures that are indicated over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are due to the very warm start to the week, but the colder temperatures weather will arrive there as well during the mid to late week.

The outlook for the rest of April continues to be colder than seasonal from the Prairies to Atlantic Canada. As we are seeing this week, there certainly will be warm days at times, but overall the number of days with below seasonal temperatures will likely outnumber the days with above seasonal temperatures through the end of April. Meanwhile, warmer than seasonal temperatures are expected for British Columbia.

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