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From zip lining to a slap shot contest with a Tiger. Day three at Winterlude goes off without a hitch

Sunday, February 2, 2014, 9:19 PM

Well, I'm officially spent. I mean exhausted in a good way. You know when you have one of those go go go kind of weekends, and time flies by, and you're jubilant but so happy to see your bed? Yeah, thats me. No rest for the wicked though, tomorrow morning we wake up at 4am to travel to Montreal for the morning show. But enough of that, let's talk about what happened at Winterlude today! 

Let's start with zip lining. Yeah, I went zip lining. It was awesome. It wasn't extremely high but I'm afraid of heights, so I didn't know what to expect. It was a thrill. I'm glad we caught it on camera!

Today was a very informative day - lots of little tidbits across many segments - like learning how to give a greeting from the Norweigan ambassador to Canada, or about the far north (I mean Resolute Bay, not Sudbury) from a longtime adventurer, aboriginal culture, how a Beavertail is made (from the founder himself, who also fed be by hand.. how romantic). I certainly learned a lot, and I love random facts.

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You know me, I'm all about #Weathertainment. During our morning shoot we found a Giant Tiger Hockey Zone, where I basically participated in NHL All Star Game type activities - hardest shot (I lost to "Friendly Tiger"), most accurate shot, obstacle course, and more.

I also rode a rickshaw. I think one of the key selling features of Winterlude is how may new things you will experience! Not only did we provide exclusive coverage, a total of 60 features across the weekend, but we also did some scientific research - you see, it was also Groundhog day.

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And when I learned that the North American shadow seeing groundhog score was tied 2-2 (Wiarton Willie and Punxutawney Pete saw their shadows, predicting 6 more weeks of winter, while Shubenacadie Sam and Balzac Billy did not, signaling an early spring), I wasn't satisfied. In fact, I was downright upset. How could these groundhogs leave things as a tie? We needed answers, I decided, and answers I decided to get. I went on a mission in the Ottawa region.

First, "North York Arda" did not see his shadow (he was easy to book for a segment), so the score became 3-2 early spring. Then, Friendly the Tiger couldn't locate his, so early spring was pulling away with a 4-2 lead. I found the Winterlude official mascots, the Ice Hog family, all of which failed to pinpoint their sun silhouettes (we'll ignore the baby ice hog behind us who was pointing at something behind us in the sun, I didn't see it so I can't call it), bringing the total to 7-2. So, you're welcome everyone, Arda Ocal saved the day and concluded through deeply scientific research that yes, there will be an early spring! Overall it was a fantastic experience that isn't over yet - Fri Feb 7 I'll be a Celebrity (again, their word not mine) Judge for a Byward Market Stew Cookoff as part of Winterlude, and the winter festival goes on in Canada's Capital region until Feb 17 - so make plans to visit with friends, family, or come and make new ones - it was an absolute blast!

Follow Arda on Twitter @arda_ocal

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