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Endangered Species: Gentoo penguin

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By Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter
Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 8:09 PM

TWN Stormhunter Mark Robinson recently visited Antarctica. One animal he came across during his travels is the Gentoo penguin -- which was listed as a threatened species in 2007.

Experts say there are a few reasons this species is declining. 

It has been suggested that oil exploration, tourism activity and marine traffic near key habitat spaces could be diminishing the penguin's birth rate.

Interactions with nearby fisheries is another threat.

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Noted for their bright orange beaks, white feather caps, and peach feet, these little waddlers stand in stark contrast to the Antarctic Peninsula.

This species often forms close bonds. Parents work together to build nests and raise young. 

On land, Gentoos aren't exactly graceful-- but in the water,they can reach speeds of up to 36 km/h, making them the fastest diving birds on the planet.


One of the best ways to help the Gentoo penguin is by purchasing seafood that has been sustainably sourced and by reducing your carbon footprint.

By limiting the waste you produce, you're keeping the planet clean and healthy, and that's good news for Gentoo penguins -- and the rest of the world's endangered species. 

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