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Driving in heavy rain can be just as challenging as snow

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By Kasia Bodurka
Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 9:25 AM

The spring months may bring more rain than snow, but in terms of driving conditions, both types of precipitation can be dangerous.

"In the winter we're aware of the conditions because we can see the snow and ice all around us, so we take a little bit of care," says Doug Annett at the Skid Control School. "We have a lot of fender benders in the winter, but in the spring and summer time when we think the weather is better, that's when we have more fatal collisions."

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According to Annett, the key thing to remember at all times is speed and not driving too fast for the weather conditions.

"The water has to evacuate from under the tires, that's what the treads do, or else you end up hydroplaning, literally floating on top of the water," Annett warns. "You also have to pay attention to where you're looking, that is that if you can't see deep into the mist in front of you, you're going too fast for the conditions."

It's also crucial to make sure you always have enough windshield washer fluid and keep your wipers in good shape.

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