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Day 6: Finishing #TheTripTWN on a high note

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Monday, March 3, 2014, 12:45 PM

Well kids, #TheTripTWN has come to an end. It was a glorious week full of fatty food, kilometres on the road, and of course the weather - a healthy mix of minus double digit windchill, snow, rain, sun, clouds, positive temperatures.. it was like the "House of Cards" of weather... it gave you every emotion possible.

#TheTripTWN was always leading to the Heritage Classic, held at BC Place in Vancouver. What made things even more interesting is that there were two back to back storm systems scheduled to pass through the area, which was projected to bring a mix of snow and rain to Vancouver, and increased snowfall amounts depending on how high or far away from the ocean you were. Some areas got wind and snow fall warnings as well. All this to say, there was a lot to cover.

This caused the NHL to close the roof of BC Place, so that active weather wouldn't get in and disrupt the game. Personally, I would have preferred to see the players brave the elements - the Winter Classic (which I covered in January) made for a fantastic scene as the snow fell and shoveling crews were on the ice every 3-4 minutes.

The last two days in pictures:

Saturday, the media were welcomed to the stadium to watch the Canucks and Senators practice. Afterwards, we got interviews with some Canucks players - Zack Kassian had a terrific line about the cold weather in Winnipeg - you really should watch TWN and hear what he says, it's hilarious.

That night we made our way up Grouse Mountain, which welcome the snow with open arms (though on Saturday night not much as falling atop the mountain despite colder temperatures).

We found a photo booth and took this picture. Don't Caaleb, Liz and I seem so happy?

Before the big game on Sunday, fans had the chance to play games and interact with athletes at the NHL Spectator Plaza. 

The Gold Medal winning women's Olympic hockey team was there (goalie Shannon Szabados is in red at left), and they played hockey with some kids. It was cute.

Meet my new secret crush, captain Caroline Ouellette. 

We bonded over our love for Canada Goose jackets (hers was at home).

Here, Hayley Wickenheiser is telling me an awesome story about sleeping on the side of the road traveling from a hockey game in Saskatchewan.

Watch the interview online at The Weather Network to hear it.. it's pretty impressive.

I don't think the NHL needs to print this on their media seat assignments that often :)

The festivities begin - the players line up as Sarah McLaughlan sings the national anthem (it was pretty good, I think she has a future in music).

This is the new official mascot of the NHL, "Hockey Bird."

In a video we posted on the web, Hockey Bird interrupts my down time (and get's three stars for it).

In a touching moment, the 1994 Vancouver Canucks team reunited, and here they listen in on coach Pat Quinn, who is being inducted this year into the "Ring of Honour", a high recognition for the Canucks.

Grapes! This was a great moment. Mr. Cherry tells some fantastic stories and he did for us about treacherous weather! His producer Kathy Broderick told me he was excited to do the interview and he was telling her weather stories for an hour. It turned out great and you can watch it on TV or at theweathernetwork.com.

I love mascots. They are the best.

A glimpse into what my immediate future in Vancouver for The Weather Network will look like. This was after the game... snow long turned to rain by this point because of the above freezing temperatures in Vancouver.

I posted this for no other reason than to show how awesome it is that our Vancouver TWN office has a mini boom box. Word.

Overall, a great success. Over 100 videos were created all week and I couldn't be more proud and happy to have worked with such an awesome team in Caaleb Trott and Liz Hadfield. Caaleb and I now make up the Vancouver bureau for The Weather Network, where we will come to you live daily from different areas of the city on the morning show with Chris Mei, and file stories and features. We are working on something special for Tuesday, keep checking back!

Thanks for following along on #TheTripTWN!

THE TRIP: Check this page for more videos and blogs from the journey!

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