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Day 5: #TheTripTWN - The "we have palm trees and you have windchill" edition

Saturday, March 1, 2014, 10:18 PM

Boy am I starting to love Vancouver weather. 

Well, what I have seen of it anyway. I say this knowing full well that a low pressure system is moving in this weekend, and typically the city is enveloped with rain, but boy was it ever a terrific day for February... a high of +9. One of those days that Vancouverites look at the rest of the country and say "the west coast is the best coast". From all the people in cities we have visited, I can absolutely tell that they are very proud of their province, and particularly their special weather conditions year round.

Group photo with the former Devils, now Knights. Their coach (far left) is John Craighead, who played 5 games for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the mid 90's and also spent time with the Vancouver Canucks organization. Born and raised in BC, you can tell he is very passionate about his team and developing players, which is refreshing to see. Note that one player is wearing shorts. It was our first morning shinny game played in above freezing and some took advantage of that fact.

The Hadfields....Liz and Mandy. They are actually unrelated! Mandy works for the Township of Langley and helped organize the event. She also brought coffee, which makes her my hero.

One of the Weather Network's loyal viewers is Barbara Monk from Abbotsford, who has been watching the station since day one. She came out to say hello to us, and even brought us presents! Thank you so much Barbara. I'm sorry I could only give you a Weather Network notepad and not the Weather Network vehicle.

Seven days in a row? Long hours? Active Weather coming this weekend on top of Heritage Classic hockey coverage? I'm ready, baby!

Heritage Classic festivities began for us with a Canadian Tire hockey stick giveaway at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.

It's exactly what it sounds like - CanTire gave away 400 hockey sticks to people who showed up. It was fun.

We then took a tour of Gastown, a charming nook of the city - this intriguing fellow is the area's namesake, "Gassy Jack".

I took a pic of the info plaque so you can also learn the tale of he who delivered "gassy monologues"....what on earth is a "gassy monologue"? I looked it up... it means "inclined to be verbose". So Gassy Jack was a talker. Hope he wasn't a close talker. They are the worst.

Liz and I are enjoying the weather so much we decided to go all thug life about it. We walked along the harbourfront and I have to say, a human being can get used to the view of the water, mountains, buildings and oh yeah.. the +8 weather!

Don't worry guys, I finally found a place to live in Vancouver!

Dear Winnipeg, we have palm trees. Sincerely, Vancouver. Yes, actual palm trees. That live just fine. I'm in love, you guys.

THE TRIP: Keep checking back on this page, as we will be constantly uploading videos and blogs from the journey!

Saturday and Sunday we will be covering NHL Heritage Classic festivities as well as the low pressure system coming into the region - keep it locked on the Weather Network for continued coverage. 

As always, check out exclusive blogs like this one and videos at www.weathernetwork.com/thetrip

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