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Day 4: #TheTripTWN- The 'Great Wall of Turkey' edition

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Friday, February 28, 2014, 12:18 PM

Not only has #TheTripTWN been an absolute blast so far, but it's also made me try different things for the very first time.

Snowshoeing? Check. Chasing a sea monster? Check. Eating at White Spot? Check.

Today, believe it or not, I laced up the pads and played goalie for the first time in my life.

With good reason - I never wanted to play goalie as a kid. I mean come on, what kid wants to wear a bunch of protective pads and get shots pelted at them while they stand around for a while and sweat? That doesn't sound fun at all! At least that's how I had it in my head at the time, anyway.

Today was Kamloops and we were lucky to have the Kamloops Mystics minor girls hockey team with us. They were missing a goalie. I thought this would be my chance to try something new and "give back to the community". So I laced 'em up.

It was glorious.

Arda Ocal took a back seat for an hour, to make way for a new phenomenon between the pipes - known only as "The Great Wall Of Turkey", this superlative goaltender stopped every shot fired his way (except for 8), and even did a weather report live on the air across the country during the game (which may have contributed to some of the 8).

The day in pics:

The Kamloops Mystics girls talk strategy as I announce my intention to play goal to a Canadian audience coast to coast (I can only assume they were asking questions like "how on earth will we score against this guy???")

Preventing goals, doing the weather AND posing for pictures? Hello ladies.....

*By the way, check out weathernetwork.com/thetrip for behind the scenes videos from the fun shinny game.*

After another fun game of shinny, we once again took a tour of the city. I want to give a TON of props to Alex deChantal, who escorted us around the city and pointed out the best shooting locations.. like this scenic lookout point where Caaleb is setting up his camera for B-Roll (background footage you often see as on air presenters are talking during a segment.. that's a little TV lingo, people!). We also filmed this segment from the lookout point:

We then went to where the North Thompson River meets the South Thompson River... the basis for why the city is named Kamloops (tune into the Weather Network to see our feature on how that all ties together).

The funniest part was this sign, urging pedestrians not to dive or jump... you can assume based on body language that the person who is jumping, though without expression, seems pretty happy. It make me chuckle. Har.

We went for lunch and I saw this in the bathroom. I don't know what's funnier, the slogan, or the polite "Jim" nametag graffiti.

After we left Kamloops, we drive along the Coquiahalla highway... for Liz and I it was the first time, and oh my... a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is 3000. This must be on every Canadian's bucket list. Spectacular. Because of recent avalanches there was also huge snow buildup on the side of the roads where the plows came through.. at some points you couldn't even see the medians on the road or signs, they were covered with plowed snow banks.

Since the drive was 4.5 hours, we also entertained ourselves by asking you on Twitter for your favourite weather related jokes. Here is us reading them:

Finally in Langley, we got dinner. Liz took this picture. I put it in for no other reason than to fill space.

Friday morning we are at the Langley Events Centre in Langley playing shinny with a minor boys hockey team!

Time to lace up the skates and score some goals!

THE TRIP: Keep checking back on this page, as we will be constantly uploading videos and blogs from the journey!

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