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Burlington hosts a night of appreciation for the 'heroes' of the Christmas ice storm

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 9:37 AM

It was an emotional night Tuesday at Kilbride Public School in Burlington, Ontario.

A night of appreciation was held for the crews who worked through Christmas to get the power back on for thousands of Burlington residents - residents like Gina Faubert who organized the event.

"I really wanted to express positivity. A lot of times you hear about the bad things that are going on and I know that in our community we were incredibly grateful for just feeling like there was somebody out there keeping us safe and working to restore power," Faubert says.

The night was highlighted by standing ovations for fire crews, hydro crews and city officials.

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"A night like this is humbling. It's certainly a humbling experience to see the outpouring from the community," says Jeff Weber Deputy Fire Chief in Burlington.

"Everybody's out of power, you're at home, you know, enjoying yourself, how can you justify sitting there when a lot of people are out of power?," adds Paul Cipolla with Burlington Hydro.

"The guys went above and beyond. Really, no one else can turn the power back on, right? And to have the kids write, play music, and sign these wonderful cards. Super emotional," says Gerry Smallegange, President and CEO of Burlington Hydro.

Last week the province promised nearly $200 million to help cities and towns battered by the ice storm, but Tuesday night was not about politics. It was purely about recognition and appreciation.        

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