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Insider Insights: Articles

Audience participation encouraged as Arda discovers B.C.

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 6:53 PM

It's been a very fun three months working for the Weather Network in Ottawa, and now I'm looking forward to my new assignment: Vancouver. 

Everyone who talks with me about the city says it's the most beautiful city in Canada. I think the favourite quote I heard was, "No matter what event, concert or anything else happening in the city, they are always competing with God"... referencing of course the spectacular scenery and outdoor activities the city boasts.

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It's not just the Vancouver area, it's the entire province - B.C. has so much to uncover and I plan to visit as much of it as possible, finding interesting stories and tidbits as I bring you daily #Weathertainment coast to coast. Whether its talking with interesting people, providing a glimpse of the spectacular, or tapping into the heart of communities, you'll get it all! 

I knew I wanted to make a big splash into the market. With the NHL's Heritage Classic in Vancouver in March, and our success with the Winter Classic in January, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to not only create fun content at the event, but also tour some communities that the Weather Network hasn't been in for years. That stops now! 

#TheTripTWN is a six day, six city jaunt through southern B.C. Each morning, along with the top notch The Weather Network team of Caaleb Trott and Liz Hadfield, we will organize and play shinny (aka outdoor ice hockey or ball hockey) with people in the community - whether it's students at UBC, a minor hockey team, or you watching at home, all are welcome!

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Want to be a part? Here's the schedule: 

  • Tue Feb 25: Kelowna 
  • Wed Feb 26: Vernon 
  • Thu Feb 27: Kamloops 
  • Fri Feb 28: Abbortsford / Langley 
  • Sat Mar 1: Vancouver Sun Mar 2: Vancouver (Heritage Classic) 

So why hockey when we are the Weather Network? Many reasons. Hockey isn't just a sport in Canada, it's part of our fabric. It's a common denominator - what better way than to reintroduce ourselves to communities than to have a friendly, fun game and air it across Canada! Second, The Heritage Classic game will have an outdoor component, and I pride myself on finding a Weather story in any scenario - my specialty is #Weathertainment - each morning you can look forward to me telling you what the Weather feels like, while putting a smile on your face before you head off to work :) <- (sort of like that but I'll guess your smile includes a nose!) 

Follow along on Twitter using the hash tag #TheTripTWN. Follow me @Arda_Ocal and TWN @WeatherNetwork for updates on where we are and what time - you are welcome to join us... See you on the rink!

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