Did you know that you can now access local weather content and on-demand video on an app on your big screen TV?

It’s interactive. It’s local. It’s made for you.

Our TV app provides you with easy on-demand access to local weather information and a large library of video content on your big screen with the simple touch of your remote. From the comfort of your living room, you can access the app through your cable subscription, a Smart TV, or by purchasing a streaming device and connecting it to your TV. It's as simple as that! Our TV app is now available on Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite Streaming. It's also available to Eastlink subscribers. With the voice command, it's even easier than before, just say: "Launch The Weather Network" to get access to our TV App on your big screen TV.

Love the weather network app on television. I can easily plan for outdoor activities in my days off. Especially the hourly forecast. - Darryl Barnes

What does the weather TV app do for you?

Hyper-local weather forecasts

Easy, practical and simple to use, you can now get hyper-local weather forecasts based on your postal code.

Personalized weather experience

The TV app offers you the option to personalize your weather experience by saving up to 10 cities, adjusting units of measurement, and choosing from 6 languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German.

Video on-demand content

Watch a wide range of The Weather Network/MeteoMedia video on-demand content focussing on extreme weather and nature footage, regional reports, climate change, lifestyle, science, and episodic shows.

Remarkable nature photos

Access our remarkable photo gallery with submissions from our passionate users around the world.

For those on the go who want quick access to weather this is a great application which allows you to personalize your weather experience on your big screen TV.

Try it today!

View the how to video and learn more about how to use the TV app!

How to use TV apps

Still have additional questions about the TV app?

Read more on our FAQ sheet HERE.

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