Why it's never a good idea to pass snow plows

Did you know it's now illegal to pass snow plows in Ontario?

Driving with snowplows takes patience, but ultimately they are working to clear the roads for drivers, and to make conditions safe during or after a storm.

Now, in Ontario, it's actually illegal to pass a snow plow on the road. The Highway Traffic Act in Ontario was changed on September 15, 2023 to address the improper passing of snow plows.

"What the law says is, you are in no way permitted to be able to pass and cut between those plows," says Staff Sergeant, Ryan Snow with the Halton Regional Police. "There is only one exception, and that is if there is a lane on the road way that is completely unimpeded by snow clearing operations, you can then pass. Otherwise you have to sit and wait."

Passing of snow plows

Not only can the passing of snow plows be extremely dangerous and unsafe, it may also cost you. It's a $405 cash fine in Ontario.

"Keep in mind, we have a lot of cameras now where we can go back and secure that evidence," Snow says. "There are also other charges as well including stunt driving, careless driving and even dangerous driving under the criminal code. This can lead to a suspension of your license and even impounding your vehicle."

Snow suggests to always pack your patience while traveling during a storm, and to just wait until the plow turns off, or you can naturally get to your destination.