Weekend tornado in Ontario confirmed

The twister was confirmed to have hit Deep River, Ont., on Sunday

Experts have confirmed a tornado touched down in Deep River, Ont., on the weekend, uprooting trees, causing minor structural damage and even flipping a boat as it blew through town.

"This was kind of a minor tornado, but still a tornado," said David Sills, executive director of Western University's Northern Tornadoes Project.

The project's storm survey team was dispatched to the community 150 kilometres northwest of downtown Ottawa to confirm reports circulating on social media.

Sills said the tornado developed around 2:45 p.m. Sunday and carved a path of about one kilometre, with a maximum width of about 130 metres.

Sills said the team found evidence of wind speeds reaching 115 km/h, within the lowest range of the Enhanced Fujita scale, which is used to measure wind damage. The scale goes to five.

"There's only been one five in Canada and that was in Elie, Man., in 2007, and a house — an entire house — flew through the air," Sills said.

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WATCH BELOW: Landspout tornado captured in the Lake St. Clair area of southern Ontario on June 20, 2024

(Header image used for illustration purposes only. Photo shows a thunderstorm near Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, on June 20 2024. Captured by Mark Robinson, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.)

This article was originally published for CBC News.