Two pedestrians struck by lightning outside train station entrance


Miraculously, both were relatively unharmed.

A couple miraculously survived being struck by lightning while walking through a storm in China.

Sun, 30, and his companion had umbrellas over their heads while travelling home in front of Jinzho North Railway Station in Liaoning province when the thunderbolt hit them on June 13 evening.

CCTV footage shows the pair being engulfed in flame sparks before they were knocked over to the ground.

Sun bled from his nose but had no other serious injuries while the woman was unscathed although traumatised.

They were given first aid treatment by railway station staff who called emergency rescuers for assistance.

The Taihe District Management Bureau of Jinzhou City confirmed the incident. They said the woman suffered only abrasions caused by a fall to the ground, whereas the man was more seriously hurt, but is expected to recover. He is currently being kept in the hospital where the woman has been released after treatment.