Torrential rain damages small dam, floods roads in Chertsey, Que.

Chertsey has seen 130 mm of rain in under 36 hours

Flooding from torrential rain has ruptured a small dam in Chertsey, Que., in Lanaudière, around 100 kilometres northwest of Montreal.

The dam located on De l'Église Road gave way Sunday evening.

Town manager Marc-André Plante said Chertsey currently has between 10 and 12 blocked or partially blocked roads.

About 130 millimetres of rain have fallen in the region in under 36 hours.

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The town hasn't ordered an evacuation and there is no danger for citizens so far, but the situation is being closely monitored, Chertsey Mayor Michelle Joly told Radio-Canada.

Officials are asking citizens to limit their travel as much as possible while waiting for conditions to improve.

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"All the teams are in the field, both public works and firefighters," Joly said. "There are certainly a lot of problematic situations, but we have [the situation] under control currently."

This article was originally written and published for CBC News. With files from Radio-Canada