Tropical Storm Cindy spawned 18 tornadoes and caused $25 million worth of damage

On this day in weather history, Tropical Storm Cindy was developing in the Caribbean Sea.

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On Friday, June 16, Jamaica's Meteorological Service issued a flash flood watch for the entire country. Tropical Storm Cindy was on its way to the Caribbean and United States.

Cindy was the third named storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, after Tropical Storm Arlene and Bret. It formed from a low-pressure system that developed in the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Cindy was officially classified as a tropical storm on June 20.

The storm peaked on June 21, with 95 km/h wind speeds. On June 22, Cindy made landfall in southwestern Louisiana. It weakened as it moved inland and dissipated over the Mid-Atlantic on June 24.

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In the U.S., Cindy impacted areas including Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Cindy and its remnants produced 18 tornadoes, including six in Alabama and three in West Virginia. All tornadoes were rated EF0 or EF1.

The storm also brought heavy rainfall. In Mississippi, the Chickasawhay River rose 3 m past its flood stage, overflowing its banks. Over 300 streets in the states were flooded.

Some of the flash floods caused bacteria levels to rise with E. coli found in the Coosa River.

In Tennesse, the strong winds and heavy rainfall caused dozens of car crashes. Overall, Cindy caused power outages for at least 10,000 residents.

The storm caused three deaths, two direct and one indirect. Overall, Cindy caused approximately $25 million worth of damages.

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