September 20, 2010 - Hurricane Igor Cometh!

Hurricane Igor crashed through Newfoundland, causing one death and $200 million in damage.

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On September 20th, 2010, residents on the eastern coast of Newfoundland prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Igor. Within 24 hours, it became the worst storm of the modern era to strike the province.

A metre-high storm surge was reported and more than 200mm of rain fell over two days.

In addition to taking out power to 70,000 hydro customers, several rivers rose to record levels across the Bonavista and Burin peninsulas.

Entire bridges, homes, and portions of roads were destroyed, including a portion of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Miraculously, there was only one-storm related death.

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More than 30 communities declared a state of emergency and homeowners filed more than $65 million dollars in insurance claims within the first two weeks after the storm.

In all, losses from the hurricane were placed at $200 million, making it the costliest cyclone in Newfoundland history.

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