More Alberta communities impose water restrictions as drought continues

A combination of factors dating back to winter and fall have caused the dry conditions southern Alberta is currently experiencing.

Drought conditions continue to plague parts of western Canada, with water levels at Alberta's Pine Coulee Reservoir dropping more than three metres this summer.

It's a scene playing out across much of southern Alberta, with a growing number of communities adopting measures to conserve water.

Only about half the normal amount of precipitation has fallen in some areas since the fall. In the driest areas, only about a third of normal precipitation levels have fallen since April.

The conditions are due to low snowfall in the Rockies, an early snow melt, and a hot and dry summer.

Experts say residents can help conservation efforts by:

  • Watering lawns in the morning and evening to prevent wastage due to evaporation;

  • Trying to avoid overwatering; and

  • Checking the forecast to avoid watering ahead of rainfall.

Watch the video above to learn more about the ongoing situation in southern Alberta.

Header image: File photo/Getty images.