Injured passengers carried off Singapore Airlines turbulence flight


One dead and dozens injured after 'extreme turbulence' on a Singapore flight

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Injured passengers were carried off a Singapore Airlines flight that was hit by severe turbulence killing one person, injuring 28, and forcing an emergency landing.

The Boeing 777 plane left Heathrow International Airport in London on May 20 at 22:17 local time before it was smashed by treacherous weather near Burmese air space.

Flight SQ321 suddenly plunged some 6,000ft before making an emergency landing shortly before 4 pm local time at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Police have confirmed that British pensioner Geoffrey Ralph Kitchen, 73, was killed during turbulence onboard. His wife, who was travelling in premium economy with him, was injured.

At least 28 others were injured. They included passengers from Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, the United States and Ireland, among others.

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Turbulence has never caused a plane crash but it has been responsible for serious injuries when the aircraft has been shaken violently.

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Aviation safety experts advise passengers to keep their seatbelts on at all times.

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