East Coast snow clean-up could be greatly impacted by some incoming weather

With more precipitation on the way to Nova Scotia, now is the time to clear the snow that's already there.

After an epic snowfall event across the East Coast, residents are doing their best to remove the heavy snow from rooftops.

Conditions for the cleanup in the days following the storm have been ideal, but it's certainly a lot of snow to move, and any more precipitation on top of what's already there would only make matters worse.

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New Glasgow, N.S. (Nathan Coleman)

Allan Mackenzie is a local roofing and siding expert who's been busy responding to calls to clear roofs in parts of Nova Scotia. He says doing so before any amount of incoming rain will save you a lot of money and potential damage.

"All the water goes to the bottom which, in turn, freezes on there, which doubles the weight. Then you can't get it off because it's frozen to the shingles," Mackenzie said.

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Just how fast it melts is something meteorologists are watching closely. Any sharp increases in temperature could cause major problems in populated areas with the sheer volume of the snowpack.

Watch the video above for a look at the long range forecast with Nicole Karkic, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, and how the conditions will play a role in the ongoing clean-up.