Winter's multi-layered precipitation threats and the forms they come in

A lot of people love snow, right? It is our most common precipitation type in the winter, but it's certainly not the only kind you may see. The Weather Network meteorologist Melinda Singh breaks down the four main types of winter precipitation and how they form.

Precipitation in the winter can be quite varying, in terms of its potency and the type. The sight of some can be delightful, while others can have you treading on thin ice, literally.

Our atmosphere is made up of different temperature profiles, which is why we see various types of precipitation fall onto the Earth’s surface, says Melinda Singh, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

From snow to rain, and everything in between, the cold months can be quite messy for our favourite outdoor activities.

Watch the video above for a full explanation on winter's multiple precipitation types and how they come to fruition.

Thumbnail contains a photo from Unsplash (umbrella/rain).