If you only have 2 winter tires, should they go on the front or back?

It’s that time of year when most Canadians are starting to switch from all season to winter tires, but if you’re thinking of only putting on two this year, here’s where they should go.

By design, winter tires are engineered to enhance your car's handling, traction, and braking performance when the temperature is below 7ºC. While short bouts of cooler weather do battle with lingering summer-like temperatures through the fall season across most of the country, there does come a day when the average high dips below 7ºC, and stays there until spring.

According to the latest long-range forecast from The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham, we're about nearing that time — particularly across eastern parts of the country.

While it's recommended to switch all four wheels to snow tires, that might not be an option for you this year. Experts say if you have two, it's a much safer bet to put them in the back rather than the front. Find out why, in the video above.


Thumbnail: Hemlock Valley, British Columbia, CA. Courtesy: Willham Green