These hacks will save you some trouble (and time) this winter

The return of winter and winter driving can be a harsh reality. The Weather Network's Nathan Coleman delivers some tips as we head into the snowy season.

When you see snow in the forecast, your safest bet is to work from home until it passes and the plows have a chance to clear the roads.

If working virtually isn’t an option and you know you’ll need to venture out, your first step should be checking your fuel levels.

Topping up to a full tank will give yourself breathing room in case there’s an accident and you get stuck in a long line of traffic. You can still stay warm and keep your devices charged while the vehicle has gas. Not only is it good in case you get stuck in a snowstorm and need more fuel, but your fuel tank is at the back of your vehicle, so adding fuel will actually add weight and give you more traction.

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Speaking of traction, if you generally pull into your driveway front-first, take the time to back in before a significant snowfall.

Plows have a tendency to leave an extra wall of snow at the end of your driveway, and driving over it head-first is easier and safer for pedestrians.

Finally, scraping your rearview mirrors can damage them, so when you see snow in the forecast, simply cover them up with a resealable bag.

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To see these hacks in action, watch the video that precedes this article.

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