10 ways The Weather Network app can help you plan for summer weather

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Summer in Canada is quite enjoyable. The Weather Network app for Android and iOS is here to help you plan for the warm months!

When you think of summer, usually fun in the sun comes to mind, but you also have to remember to prepare and brace for times of stormy weather.

Did you recently change your cell phone? If so, make sure you have The Weather Network (TWN) app to get everything you need to better plan your day or weekend outings.

The Weather Network is back with your favourite innovative products for the summer.

Here are 10 ways The Weather Network app can help you better plan your time for comfort and safety during the summer months.


You can now discover and monitor bug activity levels in Canada with The Weather Network's Bug Report Outlook.

Stay informed about the bug activity in your area. Our bug report provides you with up-to-date information on mosquito, black fly, and deer fly activity levels.

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Find out if bug activity is low, moderate, or high in your location, which will help you plan outdoor activities and take the necessary precautions. Stay protected and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Weather Network's Bug Report


Get the air quality health index (AQHI) for your favourite locations, at home or for your travel destinations. Current results, risk level, and more information so you can plenty enjoy your outdoor activities.

Air quality

Developed by Health Canada, the AQHI is an online health information communication tool that outlines the severity of air pollution and how it can affect the general and at-risk populations, such as seniors, infants and people with heart or lung conditions in the short term.


Get the UV forecast for your favourite locations. This section includes the most recent UV reading and the expected maximum, along with recommended actions for your sun protection.

UV report

The UV index, composed of information supplied by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) on a daily basis, is related to sky conditions and precipitation. The UV rating would be higher than stated during sunny breaks or if weather conditions improve.

The report lets you know the current daily number and what the maximum rating will be at 1 p.m. local time. The higher the figure, the quicker your exposed skin to sunlight will burn. It also has information on the ratings (low to extreme), highlighting how much protection is needed for each level.

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Get the pollen and allergy outlook for your favourite locations with pollen, air quality and mould information.

Pollen forecast levels are determined from sample collections taken at reporting stations across Canada. We provide risk condition guidelines.

Pollen report

The pollen forecast is based on the actual number of particles per cubic metre of air.


For the more visually-minded planner, tap on "radar map" in the tab bar or scroll down to the current radar module, near the bottom of your homescreen.


This isn’t quite accurately named: Not only does it include the past two hours, it also has six hours’ worth of future radar to help inform your plans.

This is useful for anyone who needs to be on roads, particularly during periods of stormy weather, and wants to know what to expect during their trek.

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To get a breakdown on the current conditions in your locale, you have the luxury of detailed observations at your fingertips.

Detailed obs

This section will tell you when the sun rises and sets, wind speeds and gusts, pressure, humidity, visibility, ceiling, and even yesterday's highs and lows.


Storm Centre tracks severe weather events as they are unfolding. We provide critical, real-time updates and special coverage when breaking weather is approaching or impacting your location.

Storm Centre Marketing Article Image 1

Storm Centre delivers a unique weather experience to users across The Weather Network app, website and television channel. Live storm coverage, alerts and analysis from our weather experts help you better plan your outings during the summer.

It will cover severe weather events that can potentially leave a significant impact in locations where they occur. Events include snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, dense fog, strong winds, dust storms, wildfires, flooding, tsunamis or earthquakes, among some examples.

Be prepared and stay safe with Storm Centre.

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It’s not all automated. Aside from model and forecast data from weather stations and meteorologists, we also have a team of writers working to put any incoming severe weather into more specific and useful context.

News and video

Whether you prefer to get your weather news from a full, detailed article, or just need a 50-second video from our in-house experts to get yourself up to speed, you’ve got more than one option.

Aside from the selection of thumbnails visible on your homescreen, you can jump to our full news section or video galleries using the tab-bar navigation buttons.


The precipitation overview gives you the current conditions for your specific location.

Precip overview

It displays an icon to show what the weather currently is where you are, alongside the temperature and if you can expect to see precipitation soon.

You can also get a detailed look at the precipitation currently happening, the intensity of it and a timing breakdown so you know when to expect it.

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Precip detailed

This can help you plan your day, whether you want to go outdoors or if you have to stay indoors.


Need a forecast for a specific time in the day? No problem. We have an hour-by-hour breakdown of the expected weather conditions for the next 96 hours. This includes temperatures, humidex readings and probability of precipitation.


If you need a longer-range outlook for your plans, we have that information, too.

For the next seven days we give you a detailed forecast that gives you a short- and long-range look at what the weather will be like so you can get a head start on making those summer plans.

7 days

These 10 ways will ensure you have all the weather information you need during the warm months.

Check out these great features on the TWN app to help you plan and stay safe this summer!

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