The best fans to help you cope with extreme summer heat

As summers get hotter, your AC isn't always going to cut it.

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You might say Canadian civilization is built on indoor heating in the winter months, but it’s not exactly chilly up here in the summer either. Even so, not all Canadian homes and businesses have AC, or even good AC, and once you’re outdoors, you’re on your own. In a warming world, it’s best to take charge of your own cooling, and we offer these six suggestions, depending on your location.

Lasko Tower Fan

Tower Fan Amazon


Those classic old oscillating fans you may have grown up with are very much a thing of the past. Tower fans are where we’re at now, and of those available, we liked the look of this 36-inch option from Lasko the best. Its sleek design, quiet operation and ease of installation speak well of it also.

Other features we liked:

  • Three speeds available, comes with wireless remote control

  • Built-in timer allows automatic shutdown after 1-7 hours

  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 on, based on an astounding 16,000-plus reviews

Honeywell TurboForce® Desk/Table Fan

Desk Fan Amazon


For something a little more three-dimensional, there’s this option from Honeywell. The fan pivots 90 degrees, allowing you to direct the flow toward your bed, chair or workstation, or point it up to the ceiling to allow a more even distribution. Good for individual rooms and home offices especially, and it’s very inexpensive for what you’re getting.

Other features we liked:

  • Three speed options

  • Includes heating element for warming air in the winter

  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 on, based on more than 11,000 reviews

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Karvipark Portable Camping Fan

Camping Fan Amazon

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Camping is grand, but there’s little hope for AC when you’re trying to sleep on those hot forest nights. Fortunately, tent fans exist, and this one sparked our interest, not only for its cooling potential but for its multifunctionality, something we’re really drawn to here at Shop The Weather: it includes a small LED light and can function as an emergency power bank. Of course, that’s a lot of power moving in and out of it depending on how you use it, so be mindful of its charge and what power sources you have handy.

Other features we liked:

  • Speed and brightness each have three settings

  • Up to 25 hours of use on a single charge

  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 on, based on more than 700 reviews

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Battery Operated Flexible Fan with Tripod Clip-On

Amazon, portable fan, CANVA, hot vehicles


For when there’s no flat surface to set your fan down on, here’s another option, which we’re pretty keen on. Its flexible arms allow you to attach it just about anywhere you need it, including your car, particularly useful for adults, kids, or pets. People who buy it from seem to like it a lot, as it has one of the highest numbers of reviews we’ve ever seen on that website.

Other features we liked:

  • Cool air, anywhere

  • Cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery

  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on an impressive 25,000+ reviews

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EasyAcc Rechargeable Handheld Fan

Handheld Fan Amazon 22-05-27


Outside of the home or office, handheld fans will do in a pinch, and there are no shortage of rechargeable ones. We liked this four-speed version best of the ones we looked at, since unlike many of the others, this one folds easily to allow you to set it down and direct it for when you need both hands free to take care of work or some other local task.

Other features we liked:

  • Two colour options and three battery size options

  • Largest battery size provides up to 23 hour duration, depending on the speed

  • Rated 4.6 out of 5 on, based on more than 22,000 reviews

SmartDevil Portable Neck Fan

Adjustable neck fan Amazon 22-05-27

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Wearability is always a consideration when you’re shopping for gadgets, and on a hot day, a cooling fan needn’t be the exception. There are, again, loads of wearable fan options out there, and we were drawn to this one. First, its sleek, unobtrusive and easily adjustable design – when you’re out and about with this around your neck, it looks for all the world like a pair of headphones. Second, rather than blades, it has 48 different air outlets, helping to cool your neck as well. It also has a maximum charge of six hours, and can charge anywhere with a USB outlet like, say, your car on the way to a game.

Other features we liked:

  • Available in white or pink

  • Three speeds available, up to 6-hour charge

  • Rated 4.3 out of 5 based on more than 600 reviews

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