With spring near, icy weather is inevitable. Here's what you need

There's plenty of room in spring for icy weather. Get equipped to fight it.

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We’re at the part of the year when the nation can start looking forward to warmer temperatures and rain instead of snow. But snow is still possible, and when the rains come, the temperature is such that freezing rain and a flash freeze are very real risks, to say nothing of morning frost on your vehicle. Here’s what we recommend to make coping with those realities a little easier this season.

Better Stuff Brass Edged Ice Scraper

Better Stuff Ice Scraper (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: No one likes having to scrape frost or ice off of their windshield in below-zero weather and possibly before sunrise, but a tool like this will at least make quicker work of it. Unlike the scraper on your average snow brush, this one can be gripped securely in your palm, the better to focus your efforts and spare your wrist. As for the metal edge, the manufacturer says it’s made from a ¼ brass alloy which is soft enough to vanquish the ice while not scratching the glass. It’s a neat little buy.

Prestone Windshield De-Icer

Prestone Windshield De-Icer (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: If you’d rather not scrape at all, a de-icing spray like this one can help melt the frost nice and quick. This popular variety boasts a methanol-based formula that not only boosts melting power, it also reduces the risk of refreezing. Also available in aerosol cans.

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Kekilo Windshield Snow Cover

Kekilo Windshield Snow Cover (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: If you’ve the foresight to remember to put it up before sundown, a windshield cover can save you from having to scrape at all, and makes snow clearing easier if a late-season storm rolls through. We recommend this one based on a combination of price, material (the aluminum coating is fire-resistant and doubles as a sun shield in summer), included mirror covers (not as common as you’d expect in a kit like this), and in-built magnets that help secure it to your hood. A good package all round.

DuPont Teflon Snow and Ice Repellant

DuPont snow and ice repellent (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: Spring can be a season of freezing rain and ice storms, not to mention frost which, if you have to do any work outside, can be a hindrance. This repellent spray from DuPont is a bestseller: Spray it onto exterior metal and plastic surfaces such as snow shovel blades, snowmobiles, doors, et cetera, and you can get ahead of the problem before it becomes one.

Snow Joe Impact-Reducing Steel Ice Chopper

Snow Joe Ice Chopper (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: Freezing rain can leave ice accretion several millimetres (even centimetres!) thick, and waiting for it to melt is a hit-and-miss strategy. No one enjoys the task of hacking their paths or driveway free, but if you’re in the market for a chopper, this is definitely our top pick: it features an inbuilt spring-loaded shock absorber, making it way easier on the wrists than the simpler variety.

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Snow Joe Pet and Environment-friendly Ice Melt

Snow Joe ice melt pet (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: If you remember to do it (a big ‘if’, in my case, usually), putting down some ice melt before temperatures plunge is a great way to be kind to Future You. This variety from Snow Joe is designed to be safe for pets and the environment, works in temperatures down to -23ºC, and is available in multiple sizes.

Snow Joe Handheld All-Season Multi-Purpose Spreader

Snow Joe Handheld Spreader (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: You can use a plastic cup or bird feed scoop or suchlike to spread ice melt across your driveway, but the results are a little uneven. Invest in this spreader instead – aside from ensuring a more even distribution, you can use it to spread fertilizer or grass seed for your lawn when spring finally does spring.

Cofit Extendable Car Snow Brush

Cofit Extendable Car Snow Brush (Amazon)

Shop now on Amazon.ca: Spring is a season of gradual warmth, but the upward trend is seldom linear, and late-season snow and ice storms are never out of the question. With most of the season behind you, you should know whether your snow brush has reached the end of its useful life, and if you’re in the market for a new one, this variety from CoFit has everything you need: comfortable foam grip, collapsible and telescoping design, carry bag, pivotable head, and it’s available in lengths up to 50 inches.

Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Amazon, snow joe shovel, canva resize, cold weather safety items

Shop now on Amazon.ca: It’s surprising how few ergonomic snow shovels there are out there, particularly given the risk of back injury that comes from having to shovel and pile the heavy, wet snow that you can expect in the warmer half of the cold season. Snow Joe is here for you once again, this time with a two-handle design that facilitates easier lifting and pushing, with spring assist thrown in for good measure.

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