Common household items that combat snow and ice

Have you ever found yourself in a snowy situation where you don’t have any of the proper winter equipment on hand? Look no further, because we’ve created a list of five common household products that will help you dig out in a pinch!

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Everyone loves a good DIY hack! When the snow is piled high this season, combat the elements by stocking up on everything from cat litter to spatulas. Remember to record yourself trying these hacks and upload your video to

Pam Cooking Spray Original

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As The Weather Networks’ Atlantic Canada reporter Nathan Coleman demonstrates in his video above, snow can be unnecessarily heavier than it already is when it sticks to your shovel. Use Pam Cooking Spray to coat your shovel just like you would a pan in your kitchen, and the snow will slide right off when you throw it into the pile.

Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Lightweight Cat Litter

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Keep this container of Purina Tidy Cats Litter in the trunk of your car. It will not only help your back tires stay grounded, but you can also use it to gain traction if you find yourself stuck on the road, spinning your wheels in the snow.

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Germs Be Gone Hand Sanitizing Gel

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Practice good hygiene AND de-ice your locks with the Germs Be Gone Hand Sanitizing Gel (produced in Canada). Spread some sanitizer onto the key and try turning it in the frozen lock. The alcohol content will act to melt the ice and you can regain access to your house, vehicle, or shed.

OXO Good Grips Balloon Whisk

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This DIY hack took the internet by storm last year. The basic idea is to take a kitchen whisk like this bestseller by OXO, and use it to remove ice clumps and snowballs from your dog’s fur. This balloon style whisk even dishwasher safe. Looking for more top-selling pet products? Read our guide here.

Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Silicone Spatula Set of 2

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Here’s a kitchen tool that’s great for its intended purpose of mixing, flipping, folding, or serving, but can also double as an ice scraper. We selected these spatulas by Jamie Oliver because of their silicone material that won’t leave nasty scratches on your car. You can also use this spatula to scrape ice off of drafty windows in your house.

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It's important to be prepared with more than common household items as weather conditions can quickly become emergency situations.

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