Sneaky springtime sunburn: What you need to know to stay safe

Though the weather may be cool and breezy where you are right now, you should always be protecting your skin from the sun. In this episode of Health & Weather, reporter Rachel Schoutsen outlines some of the unique risk factors that arise during springtime.

Sunburns can happen year-round, but it’s springtime sunburn that can often be a bit sneaky.

With a brisk breeze still in the air, most of us don’t tend to think about sun protection as much during the spring as we do in the summer, but the reality is that UV radiation is present regardless of temperature.

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The UV index begins to rise in spring, so it's important to keep your skin protected in order to lower your risk of melanoma. In this latest Health & Weather segment (see video above), reporter Rachel Schoutsen explores some of the dangers associated with spring sun exposure and how to protect yourself from potential harm.

UV Rays and Sunburn factors

Thumbnail credit: Pexels/Jill Wellington