Nature’s air conditioner can keep you cool on a hot day—here’s how

Chill out on a hot day with this relaxing assist from nature.

Looking for a break from the heat? Hanging out under trees is an effective way to stay cool during a summer heat wave.

Researchers have found that vegetation is a simple and effective way to reduce urban heat islands. In an urban landscape, the hard, dark pavement absorbs the sun’s radiation, while the buildings reflect the sun’s heat. This can warm up a city by many more degrees than in a rural setting. 

The Weather Network’s Victoria Fenn Alvarado spoke with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and Treetop Trekking to learn more about the process of evapotranspiration and how trees can naturally keep us cooler.

Watch the video above to see how a simple tree can make a sweltering day more bearable.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Mike Benna via Unsplash.