How the colours we wear affect everything from our mood to our energy levels

Did you know the colours we wear can have an impact on us in more ways than just feeling stylish?

'Tis the season for sweater weather, but just because it’s getting a little cooler doesn’t mean you have to pull out the old dull and grey duds.

“In terms of the colours that we wear, it can make a difference to our mood, our emotions, even how we act,” environmental psychologist Lee Chambers tells the Weather Network.

He studies how humans react to different colours and says they can influence how we feel and how we interact with others.

Chambers says colours like red that are very vibrant can trigger physiological effects.

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“It can increase our blood flow rate, it can increase our heartbeat, it can make us more social. It can energize us a bit and obviously can influence how people perceive us as well,” he says.

Sporting a yellow sweater isn’t all that different from a red one.

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“As we know about red and yellow are the most attention-grabbing colours to human beings, which is why signs are often done in red or yellow,” says Chambers.

So what about blue?

“Blue can be a colour that really makes us feel a little more calm and considerate in how we act, so a little bit more kind of stable," he says.

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Green is good for keeping you grounded.

“We find that green can bring a little bit of warmth, and a little bit of grounding makes us feel a little bit more connected to things,” says Chambers.

One of the most important things to consider is your personal attachment to certain colours, and when they align with your identity or are a colour you have a preference for, Chambers says you can get some benefits from wearing them.

Thumbnail image from StockSnap/Pixabay.