Here’s a sweet hack to give your garden a boost this year

Now while you have toast or make cookies, you can give your plants a sweet snack too!

Molasses is a sticky and sweet staple that can be found in pantries and cupboards around the country. But did you know that molasses can be used for more than just sweetening your toast or making cookies? It can also be used to give a healthy boost to your plants and lawn!

"Molasses is fantastic for plants, veggies, and lawns; it doesn't matter, you can put it anywhere," says John Moakes, owner and operator of Lawn Mechanic.

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All you need to do is dilute some molasses with water and spray it on your plants for numerous benefits, such as promoting healthy soil bacteria, increasing carbohydrate stores, and improving root development.

"It has iron in it, so it's going to have a bit of greening. It's incredibly beneficial," Moakes adds.

Watch the video above as The Weather Network’s Nathan Coleman goes more in depth about this sweet, sweet hack.

With files from Anika Beaudry