Tips to combat your sauna-like car during hot summer months

A hot car is unbearable. Try these hacks to beat the trapped summer heat.

Getting into your vehicle can actually feel like you're stepping into a sauna, but like everything in life, there's a hack for that.

The first thing you should do is roll down the passenger-side window.

Next, you can step outside. This is where your door becomes a fan. You're essentially fanning out all that hot air before the AC kicks in to make things a little bit cooler.

Next up, we have your gear shift. Whether it's a stick shift or manual, it can get scorching hot if it's been sitting in the sun. The solution is simply to take a beer koozie and turn it upside down, then pop it right over the shift.

Last but not least, your steering wheel can be hot to the touch too. You can remedy this by turning it upside down before you park, and then when you go to drive, just flip it back around on the cool side. Now just turn on the AC, and you're ready to rock.

For a demonstration of these hot car hacks, watch the video that leads this article.

(Thumbnail courtesy: Dima Berlin/Getty Images. Creative #: 1330168281)