Warnings span East Coast as rainy, windy weekend storm arrives

Localized flooding is possible as some areas see up to 100 mm of rain over the next few days

Heavy rain and gusty winds will spread over the East Coast heading into this weekend as a sprawling low-pressure system arrives in the region.

Conditions went downhill through the day Friday as the fringes of our Texas low arrived, and folks throughout Atlantic Canada will see the rain and wind intensify into Saturday.

Atlantic precip Sat 2pm

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Widespread rainfall warnings are in effect for much of coastal Nova Scotia, including Halifax, as well as Newfoundland’s southwestern shores.

Localized flooding is possible, especially with rainfall amounts approaching 100 mm by the end of the weekend. Persistent rain can also lead to increased river levels, so you'll want to be sure to keep an eye on your local flood forecasts.

Saturday and Sunday: Widespread rain persists this weekend

Steady rains will lock over the region throughout the day on Saturday, especially across eastern Nova Scotia and southwestern Newfoundland.

Scattered rain will still continue for the rest of the Maritimes before gradually easing through the overnight hours on Saturday.

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Atlantic rain outlook

Forecasters expect rainfall totals on the order of 40-60 mm across eastern Nova Scotia, with 60-100 mm of rain in the gauges across southwestern Newfoundland by the end of the weekend.

The persistent rain can lead to increased river levels, especially later into the weekend and early next week. You'll want to keep a close eye on the conditions in your area, and remain a safe distance from high flowing rivers and streams.

Atlantic winds Sat evening

Gusty winds will pose a problem on top of the heavy rains. Widespread gusts of 60-80 km/h are likely across Atlantic Canada, especially through the latter half of Saturday. Blustery conditions over rain-soaked soils could increase the risk for downed trees and scattered power outages.

Looking ahead, a system tracking south of the Maritimes on Monday will bring some rain to Nova Scotia during Monday, and widespread rain to Newfoundland Monday night. Mostly fair weather is expected for several days next week, and temperatures will hover within a few degrees of seasonal most days. A warmer trend is likely late next week and weekend.

Be sure to check back for the latest forecast updates across Atlantic Canada.

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