Why Halifax is afflicted by an uptick in potholes this winter

A higher than normal number of cars have required repair in Halifax, N.S., with the winter's back-and-forth temperatures. Reporter Nathan Coleman speaks with mechanics and motorists that have encountered them.

A constant temperature roller-coaster has meant a bad year for potholes around Halifax, N.S. In fact, some of the potholes are so deep they look like you can jump right in them.

The city says there are 760 potholes on its rolling-repair list, with 250 considered to be top priority. This means they have a depth of eight centimetres or more, or are located on a main arterial road.

"Transportation crews have repaired more than 600 potholes across the municipality just since Jan. 1," said Brynn Budden, a senior communications advisor for the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Speedy Auto Service has reported a wide range of pothole damage this year.

Watch the video that leads this article for the full story on the increase in potholes in Halifax, N.S., this winter.