Where's the snow? Montreal snowstorm drought exceeds 30 days

Has Montreal's winter been abnormally quiet? We have the details on February's progression and outlook

It's been a relatively quiet winter for Montreal, Que., especially when looking towards its Atlantic Canada neighbours.

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It's been 30 days without a significant snow event or snowstorm in Montreal. That is highly unusual.


In the city, the past 10 years have recorded above-average snowfall in the month of February, with the exception of 2012. The climate normal from 1981-2010 is 41.2 cm of snow. Could 2024's February hold the same fate?

The criteria for snowstorms in Montreal are amounts exceeding 15 cm. We have to look more than 30 days ago, on Jan. 13, when 16.8 cm of snow was recorded at Montreal airport. Since then, we have been in a snowstorm drought for the region and most of the province.

Why is that? A combination of factors has led to a mild start to the month, as well as high pressure deflecting snow events south or east of the province.

Montreal February Snowfall through Feb 15 2024

As we look in the short range, snowfall is forecast heading into the weekend. Near 5 cm is expected to fall in Montreal, with 5-10 cm expected in areas east of the city through Friday. So, that will definitely fall short of snowstorm criteria.

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In the longer range, however, a more active Eastern Canada storm track and colder weather may emerge, which both may bring more favourable conditions for Quebec snow events.

However, we anticipate it taking shape near the final week of the month, or even pushing into March. Therefore, February major snow events are possible, if time permits.


Contains files from Rachel Modestino and Kevin MacKay, meteorologists at The Weather Network.