What it's like to work in Canada's fire towers

Soaring high above the tallest trees in the Canadian boreal forest, fire lookouts play a crucial role in wildfire detection. And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work inside one, you’re in luck.

Fire Tower, a documentary by director, writer, and producer Tova Krentzman, offers an intimate account of the life of a lookout observer situated in the serene Rocky Mountains above the vast northern terrains of Canada.

Having made its debut at the esteemed 2024 Hot Docs Festival, the film hones in on select lookouts in Alberta and the Yukon, delving deep into how nature and isolation shape their lives—from fuelling creative endeavours to grappling with the weight of solitude.

The Weather Network's Connor O'Donovan recently had the privilege of chatting with Krentzman to gain insight into these pivotal watchtowers and the individuals at the helm.

Check out the exclusive interview above for more.