Week starts off with severe storm threat as risk shifts into Manitoba, NW Ont.

This final week of June will kick off with a severe thunderstorm threat as the weekend risk moves east into parts of southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. It's important to remain weather-aware

Severe thunderstorms erupted over parts of the Prairies to end the weekend, with six concurrent tornado warnings in place for Saskatchewan at one point through the evening on Sunday.

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The same trough that sparked the severe and tornado-warned storms will continue to track eastward through Manitoba and northwestern Ontario on Monday. All severe weather threats will be possible in areas where storms develop, including strong winds, large hail, and even the chance for a tornado or two.

The storm risk will continue well into the overnight hours through northern Ontario, so it'll be important to stay up-to-date on the weather watches and warnings in your area.

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Monday: Severe weather threat shifts eastwards into Manitoba and northern Ontario

Storms will develop through the afternoon hours in Manitoba, and will continue to track into northwestern Ontario for the evening and overnight.

Baron - Monday thunderstorm energy MBON

Winnipeg, Man., looks to be spared from the strongest storms, but still could see some non-severe cells. Residents in the risk areas will need to keep an eye to the skies.

All threats of severe storms are on the table through Monday, with strong wind gusts, large hail -- up to golf ball-sized, and the chance of a tornado or two possible.

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Make sure you stay alert through the day for watches and warnings in your area. Proactively monitor the radar and ensure you have a plan in place should severe weather occur.

As the storms track closer to Thunder Bay, Ont. through the overnight, they'll become weaker in nature.

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The chance for rain showers remains through the day Tuesday, accompanied by a rumble or two of thunder.

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WATCH: Mothership-like clouds create ominous skies over Saskatchewan

Be sure to check back for the latest weather updates in your area.