Canada's May long weekend has it all, except for the 'perfect' forecast

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The long weekend may not give everyone the tease of summer they want, but don't count it as a write off yet

The May long weekend may be Canada's unofficial start to summer, but every Canadian has at least one story about seeing snow in the long weekend's past.

As we approach the coveted long weekend, the jet stream's pattern is becoming clearer, as is the forecast.

While the outlook so far doesn't seem to indicate gorgeous weather and above-normal temperatures across the country for the long weekend, it isn't really indicating bad weather, either. So don't write off any big plans just yet.

May long weekend outlook forecast tips

Wet and dry weather awaits Western Canada

The weekend will kick off in Western Canada with a ridge building off the coast of British Columbia, bringing dry weather to the province and ensuring any storm tracks steer clear of the province.

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Where there is a ridge, however, there is also a trough.

Shifting eastward to the Prairies, we are less likely to see a dry weekend, with a trough brewing over the region that will usher in below-seasonal temperatures and an unsettled pattern. Those in higher terrains and farther north may even see temperatures dip slightly below freezing. Edmonton and Calgary may even be facing off with a frost risk.

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Those who plan on spending their long weekend in the high elevations of B.C. and the Rocky Mountains are highly likely to see some snow accumulation, while a low-pressure system over Central Canada could bring about some showers and thunderstorms across the Prairies and even into parts of northern Ontario.

This may require folks to be flexible with their outdoor plans over the weekend and have an indoor backup plan.

Seasonable warmth envelops Eastern Canada

Southern Ontario and Quebec will see typical May-like temperatures over the long weekend, with temperatures only getting warmer the farther north you go. It is very likely folks will see temperatures reach into the 20s.

Canada May long weekend temperature anomalies

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However, those along the 401 corridor may encounter some changeable conditions. Rain showers are possible over the weekend, but it will by no means be a washout. Just be sure to have an umbrella and be flexible with your plans.

Across Atlantic Canada, we could see some ridging happen in the atmosphere, which would bring about mild temperatures and a tendency for drier weather, similar to B.C. Areas farther inland might even see temperatures reach, or even exceed, 20 C later in the weekend.

Stay with The Weather Network for the latest on your May long weekend forecast across Canada.

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