Another 24 hours of rain and thunderstorm risks on the Prairies

Don't put the umbrella away, yet, if you live on the Prairies. Thursday will bring another chance of thunderstorms for southern areas, with much-needed rain heading to northern sections where it is needed most

Thursday will continue the trend of rain and thunderstorm opportunities on the Prairies amid a wet and unstable pattern this week.

The chance will be toned down, however, when compared to earlier this week. Any thunderstorms that do form should remain below warning criteria and will be scattered in nature.

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However, it will still be important to keep an eye on the sky and on any watches and warnings that are issued, as conditions can change quickly when severe weather hits.

Thursday: Thunderstorm chance lingers, becomes more scattered

On Thursday, the low that brought Wednesday's storm risk will travel north and weaken, bringing a widespread risk for scattered thunderstorms across much of the Prairies yet again.

Baron - Thursday thunderstorm risk Prairies - May 29

In addition to the thunderstorm risk, additional rainfall is coming to more vulnerable areas of the Prairies, including the Fort McMurray, Alta., area –– a region that desperately needs the rain amid drought and wildfire conditions.

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Rainy pattern for northern areas of the Prairies

The large, low-pressure system over northern parts of the Prairies will slowly track east through the end of the week before moving into Hudson Bay by this weekend.

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Baron - Prairies rainfall map through Friday - May 29

This will bring widespread, substantial rain totals to the more vulnerable areas, such as northeast Alberta and the Fort McMurray area, which desperately need the rain amid drought and wildfire conditions.

A drier pattern is expected across southern areas during early June, but northern locales should continue to see some much-needed rain.

However, a drier pattern should spread north as we head into the second week of June.

Be sure to check back on the latest forecast information across the Prairies this week