Threat for winter travel with significant weather brewing for Newfoundland

Special weather statements are already in effect for a late-week spring storm that threatens powerful winds, ice and snow in Newfoundland

Despite officially passing the mid-April mark, almost every province in Canada sees a chance for snow this week. Parts of Atlantic Canada may be the last to join in, but significant weather is brewing for the end of this week, with more winter travel in the cards for the region.

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Special weather statements are already in effect across Newfoundland, as periods of snow intensify through Thursday. Gusty winds are possible as well, which could result in dangerous whiteouts, and even blizzard-like conditions.

Drivers are urged to plan ahead, and to stay up-to-date on the weather warnings as the week progresses. Many have likely already removed winter tires, so travel conditions could get dicey at times.

Thursday into Friday: Strengthening system brings in wind, ice and snow

A system will stall and then strengthen offshore through Thursday, all thanks to a weakening Rex block over the Atlantic Ocean. It will back into the north coast of the island by Thursday morning, bringing in snow flurries to start.

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Snowfall rates will begin to pick up throughout the day, likely impacting drivers for the evening commute.

Winds from the north will also be strong, gusting to 80 to 100 km/h, threatening whiteout, and blizzard-like conditions through the afternoon and evening hours.

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The immediate coastlines will likely see a transition over to rainfall through the overnight hours on Thursday. Precipitation may mix with freezing rain and sleet as it changes from snow to rain, resulting in some slick and icy conditions into Friday morning.

There is still much uncertainty with exact snowfall totals and locations, as computer models continue to shift the centre of the low.

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Currently, the confidence is there for about 15 cm to fall near Gander, or slightly south. Areas that do see rain following the snow however, will likely wash out any of the higher accumulations.

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Be sure to check back for the latest weather details across Newfoundland.