Diane Clatto became the first Black TV weather presenter in the US in 1962

Clatto was a part of many firsts.

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Dianne White Clatto is the first Black person to be a full-time weather presenter on TV in the US.

Clatto was born in St. Louis, Missouri on Dec. 28, 1938, to parents Milton and Nettie Johnson. She was a descendant of a Civil War general’s enslaved mistress.

Clatto was a part of many firsts in her life. She was among the first Black students at the University of Missouri, the first Black model for a St. Louis department store, and the first full-time Black weathercaster in the nation, at what was then KSD-TV.

It's a cool story of how Clatto got into the weather scene. She was a manager at the cosmetics company Avon and hosted a radio show to teach women how to sell.

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Dianne White on July 30, 1970, at KSD-TV

Courtesy of St. Louis Post Dispatch

A bandleader on-air, Russ David, listened to Clatto and immediately heard her talent. David recommended Clatto to an executive at KSD-TV in St. Louis.

Clatto met with the executive and was offered the job on the spot. She was paid $75/week.

Courtesy: KSD-TV, 1960s

Courtesy: KSD-TV, 1960s

So, Clatto went from talking about makeup to the latest in weather. She worked as a weather presenter for 12 years, until the industry shifted from weathercasters to meteorologists.

Clatto landed other jobs as a journalist which eventually landed her in the St. Louis Black Journalism Hall of Fame and the Missouri Hall of Fame.

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Thumbnail image: Dianne White Clatto, in 1967, on KSD-TV. Courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch