August 22, 1893 - Four Atlantic Hurricanes in 1 Day

The 1893 U.S. hurricane seasons caused over 2,000 deaths. Hear the details of the deadly storms.

Four Hurricanes in the Atlantic

Four hurricanes in the Atlantic.

On August 22, 1893, the United States faced one of its worst days of hurricanes. The 1893 hurricane season was one of only two times in history to have four Atlantic storms along the U.S./Canada coast at the same time. The next time that would happen would be 105 years 1998.

The 1893 Atlantic summer storm season was fairly active, with 12 tropical storms forming, 10 of which became hurricanes, and five of those became major hurricanes. This season also sadly proved to be a very deadly one as two different hurricanes caused over 2,000 deaths each in the United States, making it the deadliest season in U.S. history.

On today’s podcast, we break down how each hurricane developed and what impact they had on the season.

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